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Our doctor-supervised weight loss program is built around your goals and gives you unlimited access

We, at MedShape Weight Loss Clinic understand how important it is to concentrate on YOUR personal goals and needs when it comes to weight loss. 

Your body is personal to you, not anyone else. So why rely on the same diet plan as everyone else? We offer a the best options in full medical weight loss programs that are built around you and your lifestyle. MedShape provides the state of the art telemedicine that  offers you the convenience and personal touch most online weight loss programs lack, and our innovative medical weight loss support get you fast, effective and safe  results without the hunger or dangers that come along with common diets . MedShape's certified Health Counselors and Professional Medical Team are here to get you through your biggest weight loss challenges by overcoming the obstacles that are keeping you from losing weight.

MedShape’s innovative solutions and intense desire to maximize our patients’ weight loss goals has resulted in the overwhelming success of thousands of patients.

MedShape cares about how our patients lose weight and wants to ensure that you lose your weight the right way. By doing so in a healthy, non-starvation, safe and rapid weight loss. The most important part to a real diet is protecting the metabolism or even in some cases, awakening the metabolism so you are able to start burning body fat while preserving your lean mass. With our innovative and effective approach to losing weight, you will not be fooled into the “Fad” diet world but real weight loss results that is able to be sustained. It is time to get off the yo-yo diet and realize you will never have to diet again. Lose your weight the right way.Our proprietary and patented programs are formulated for rapid, fast and effective weight loss and offered exclusively by MedShape Weight Loss Clinic.

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Now you can lose weight from home and enjoy all of the benefits that MedShape has to offer. No need to live by a MedShape Weight Loss clinic location to experience there real weight loss results that our patients receive. MedShape offers a comprehensive 6-week program that will kick start your weight loss. Here is what you will receive in your package.Now You Can Lose Weight From HomeOur 6-Week Weight Loss Program Includes:

  • Samples of MedShape Protein line
  • MedShape Proprietary Nutrition plan
  • Unlimited phone / email support
  • Access to  Members Only website
  • Weekly weigh in appointments 
  • Weight Loss Cookbook Access
  • Weight Loss Counseling
  • MedShape Kick Start Supplements
  • 6 weeks of MedShape medication

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